The Infamous Bad Review

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Albuquerque Tribune: February 3, 1977

This is the infamous bad review of Baby Lester and the Buggybumpers, written by that despicable yellow journalist, Katy Woolston of the Albuquerque Tribune.

Thanks alot, Katy!!

Up until Katy wrote her nasty "review," we were having a pretty good run in Albuquerque.  So when the review came out, my idea was to write a nice rebuttal and send it to the Tribune -- to have a little fun with it.  But Lester went in to see Jack, the manager, and he wasn't having fun with it.  So I didn't write a review, and we didn't have our contract extended into early March -- and up North this was shaping up to be one of the most treacherous winters ever (as I would find out first-hand in just seven short weeks).  And for about a month Lester descended into this deep funk, and we had absolutely no fun.

The upshot of the review was that people came out in even bigger numbers to see exactly how bad we were.  And they actually liked us and started coming back with their friends.  So we were able to follow Albuquerque with two weeks in Abilene, and at the end of the two weeks Jack is calling wanting us to come back.

We said, "Forget it, Jack."

Now, my guess is that, after thirty years, it's not real likely that Katy is still around.  Of course, I'd be the last person to wish anything bad on someone who's not with us anymore.  But my wish for Katy is that, wherever she is, she's in a place where she gets to listen to raunchy, unfunny jokes and uninspiring dance music and eat pink, runny and raw shrimp 24/7. 

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